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Dr. Vinisha Patel, Pharm.D

Dr. Vinisha Patel, Pharm.D. is an Integrative Pharmacist. She is a graduate of Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, California, class of 2005. She pursued Managed Care most of her career and received her certification in Medication Management Therapy - MTM, enabling her to counsel on important health conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac issues, Cholesterol, Mental Health and many others. She acquired certifications to counsel on Bio-Identical Hormone replacement - BHRT. As a Sterile and Non-Sterile trained compounding pharmacist she has knowledge, not only with BHRT, but other sophisticated compounding for many other health issues. Her recent passions led her to the Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification. Dr. Patel has great passion for Ayurvedic Nutrition and Supplements and the concept of Food = Medicine. She heads the Atlanta Heartfulness Meditation Meet Up Group and has been practicing over the past 3 years. Her hobby and interest in Therapeutic Essential Oils has led to the integration of Essential oils to all aspects of therapy, treating patients as a whole, focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. These concepts are her life's goals as she herself battle personal health issues that she overcomes using these Holistic approach.