caring for those who care for others

At TKH2O, our goal is to take care of our staff so they can best care for our clients. We have created a culture of camaraderie, professionalism, inclusiveness, and fun so that you enjoy everyday working with TKH2O!

Our IV Hydration is a state-of-the-art, full-service mobile IV hydration and Wellness service. Patients receive access to a whole range of IV Hydration for energy, Immune boost, hangover, headaches, male enhancement and athletic performance. We offer integrative treatments that are unique so we are always looking to hire and promote staff that are knowledgeable and excellent at their work.

TKH2O is always expanding and innovating to assure that you are empowered with the tools and information you need to successfully carry out your job. Please note the following items that we will be implementing to help you help others.

Online Employee Login

Online Job Board

Online Trainings

Team Challenges & Rewards

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